Film Director, Documentary Filmmaker, Producer & Author from Barcelona currently living in Berlin.
I am a lifelong autodidact, enthusiastic about world cultures and telling stories through the medium of film.
I create informative and artistic films for various clients and as a form of self-expression. I continually explore new styles of filmmaking, techniques, and modes of communication.
My goal is to reach an audience by giving them access to something they have never lived, whether close to home or far from it.

Over the last few years, I have honed my directorial abilities by shooting a variety of feature and short documentary films in different parts of the world, which have led me to improve my intercultural communication, storytelling, directing and camerawork skills. I shot in extreme situations, like a -40 ºC Mongolian winter, in some of the biggest and busiest religious gatherings worldwide such as the Kumbh Mela, and in the heat of the semidesert in the north of Uganda in the Ofua 3 refugee camp, always trying to empathize with the people around me, spending time with them, joining a meal in a dark shelter, a ride on a fisher’s boat or a truck. Without prejudices, without judgement: trying to capture the souls of the people I met, always guided by a human and humanistic approach to the profession of video reporter.

Some Short Vids of Jordi

Walk Before Dark

A Refugee Village

Holi – Nandgaon

And God Didn’t Make It Rain

They Remember