Film Director, Documentary Filmmaker, Producer & Author from Barcelona living in Berlin.
Driven by an autodidactic spirit and a fascination with diverse cultures, Jordi crafts compelling films that blend information and artistry. His boundary-defying filmmaking style connects audiences with novel experiences, both near and far. His recent works include documentaries shot in locations around that world, where the focus lies on intercultural communication and storytelling. Unfazed by extreme conditions, from -40 ºC Mongolian winters to the semi-desert landscape of Uganda’s refugee camps, he captures humanity with a non-judgmental lens. Notably, his documentary “Non-Citizens” screened at the Toronto Black Film Festival 2021. His commitment to crisis-stricken regions like Yemen, Afghanistan, and northern Nigeria is evident in collaborations such as those undertaken with Doctors Without Borders. At the moment, as an integral member of UFA’s filming team, he plays a pivotal role in capturing captivating footage for a prestigious documentary series. His dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail ensure the delivery of high-quality content that resonates with audiences.


Some Short Vids of Jordi

Walk Before Dark

A Refugee Village

Holi – Nandgaon

And God Didn’t Make It Rain

They Remember