Ist Alles Neu – Teaser

Summer 2020, the entertainment industry and the parallel universe of festivals has been hit hard by the world pandemic. Just a few lucky event organizers in Germany were allowed to […]

Non-Citizens – Trailer

Migration: Leaving everything behind in search of freedom. Escaping appalling conditions, relentless horror, famine and war. Risking your life walking hundreds of kilometers to reach the gates of paradise: Europe. […]

The New Normal – Insight 1

In 2013 a civil war broke out when Vice President Machar, a member of the Nuer ethnic group, was accused of a failed “Coup d’État” over the President Salva Kiir, […]

Three Rivers – Insight

The Kumbh Mela is a Hindu festival in which Hindus gather to bathe in the sacred river Ganga. In Allahabad (Pryagrag) happens every 6 years and, supposedly, is where Brahma […]

A Funeral

Death happens everywhere. People just deal different with it. Simplicity sometimes comes with the harshest problems in human life. A portrait of a funeral in the outskirts of Lomé, Togo’s […]