Ist Alles Neu – Teaser

Summer 2020, the entertainment industry and the parallel universe of festivals has been hit hard by the world pandemic. Just a few lucky event organizers in Germany were allowed to […]

Non-Citizens – Trailer

Migration: Leaving everything behind in search of freedom. Escaping appalling conditions, relentless horror, famine and war. Risking your life walking hundreds of kilometers to reach the gates of paradise: Europe. […]

The New Normal – Insight 1

In 2013 a civil war broke out when Vice President Machar, a member of the Nuer ethnic group, was accused of a failed “Coup d’État” over the President Salva Kiir, […]

Three Rivers – Insight

The Kumbh Mela is a Hindu festival in which Hindus gather to bathe in the sacred river Ganga. In Allahabad (Pryagrag) happens every 6 years and, supposedly, is where Brahma […]

A Funeral

Death happens everywhere. People just deal different with it. Simplicity sometimes comes with the harshest problems in human life. A portrait of a funeral in the outskirts of Lomé, Togo’s […]

Leon – Belarusian-Soviet composer

The pianist, composer, arranger and author of more than 300 compositions Leon Gurvitch lives in Germany and has his founded an ensemble in 2000 “Leon Gurvitch Project”, with whom he […]